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The Chief Technology Officer of Skyworks Solutions Inc (NASDAQ:SWKS), Peter Gammel Sold 2,500 Shares

Peter Gammel Insider Sell Peter Gammel, Chief Technology Officer of Skyworks Solutions Inc, in an insider trade sold 2,500 shares whose value is estimated to be $209,950 at average stock price of $84.0. In the last 30 days, he also sold 1,000 shares worth approximately $85,115 USD. Now, Peter Gammel has in hand a total […]

News Editors : -- 4 October 2015 19:50

Peter Gammel Insider Sell

Peter Gammel, Chief Technology Officer of Skyworks Solutions Inc, in an insider trade sold 2,500 shares whose value is estimated to be $209,950 at average stock price of $84.0. In the last 30 days, he also sold 1,000 shares worth approximately $85,115 USD. Now, Peter Gammel has in hand a total of 32,646 shares or 0.02% of Skyworks Solutions Inc’s total market capitalization.

Skyworks Solutions Inc Sentiment and Fundamentals

According to the twenty five expert stock analysts that are covering this company’s financial position, there is an expectation of earnings for each share of $5.26 for the 2015 year, which gives Skyworks Solutions Inc a P/E ratio of 15.97. The analysts expect Skyworks Solutions Inc to grow at year-over-year rate of 20.05%. It is difficult to make conclusions about Skyworks Solutions Inc’s future just from Peter Gammel’s sale because in this filing, the insider also revealed option transactions. In the form, it was reported that Peter exercised options for 1,500 shares with average price 24.3, worth 36,480.

The chart below depict our back-tested stocks trend-following system due to which we give the stock a SELL rating. The share price of Skyworks Solutions Inc is decreasing with no signs of trend change after 12.67% move over the last 125 days.

Famous stock traders, who also include Michael Platt, once shared that the highest risk-adjusted returns are made when technical and fundamental analysis are combined.

Institutional Ownership

As of Q2 2015, 633 institutional investors and hedge funds own Skyworks Solutions Inc. Octafinance tracked institutional investors have historically had an extremely high interest in Skyworks Solutions Inc’s stock, and that was also the case in Q2 2015. The institutional ownership was 70.74% of the stock’s outstanding shares. Its down 2.23% from Q1 2015. These hedge funds decreased the total shares they own by 3.08 million to 134.92 million this quarter. There were 42 funds that closed their positions and 275 that reduced them. A total of 74 funds opened new positions in Skyworks Solutions Inc and 223 increased their holdings.

Among the shareholders of this company are 33 funds, that are having it in their Top 10 stock portfolios. These are: Chase Investment Counsel Corp, Dixon Hubard Feinour & Brown Inc Va, Horizon Investment Services Llc, Mitchell Capital Management Co, Ncm Capital Advisers Inc., Weaver C. Barksdale & Associates Inc., New Century Investment Management Inc, North Point Portfolio Managers Corp Oh, Paradigm Capital Management Inc Ny, Renaissance Group Llc.

A.R. Schmeidler & Co. Inc. is the most bullish institutional investor on Skyworks Solutions Inc, with ownership of 83,963 shares as of Q2 2015 for 1.60% of the fund’s portfolio. Argent Capital Management Llc is another bullish institutional investor having 694,768 shares of the company or 3.32% of their stocks portfolio. The stock is also 2.88% of the fund’s AUM. Moreover Avalon Advisors Llc have 0.03% of their stock portfolio invested in the stock for 6,678 shares. The Florida-based fund Aviance Capital Management Llc disclosed it had acquired a stake worth 0.02% of the fund’s stock portfolio in Skyworks Solutions Inc. The Michigan-based fund Bluestein R H & Co is also optimistic about the -listed company, with ownership of 197,480 shares or 1.25% of their stock portfolio.

Skyworks Solutions NASDAQ:SWKS Company Profile

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (Skyworks) is engaged in the production of analog semiconductors. The Company supports automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, energy management, Global Positioning System (GPS), industrial, medical, military, wireless networking, smartphone and tablet applications. The Company’s portfolio consists of amplifiers, attenuators, battery chargers, circulators, DC/DC (direct current/direct current) converters, demodulators, detectors, diodes, directional couplers, front-end modules, hybrids, infrastructure radio frequency subsystems, isolators, LED (light emitting diodes) drivers, mixers, modulators, optocouplers, optoisolators, phase shifters, PLLs (Phase Locked Loops)/synthesizers/VCOs (voltage controlled oscillator, power dividers/combiners, power management devices, receivers, switches, technical ceramics and voltage regulators.

Company Website: Skyworks Solutions

Skyworks Solutions Inc was founded in Delaware on 2002-06-10. At the moment its market cap is: $16.03 billion and it has 192.28 million shares outstanding. The company has 5550 employees. Currently it has 74.87% shareholders and the institutional ownership is 74.87%. The stock closed at $83.370003 yesterday and it had average 2 days volume of 1321945 shares. It is up from the 30 days average shares volume of 1234148. Skyworks Solutions Inc has a 250 days low of $44.07 and a 52weeks high of $112.88. The current price is below the 200 days simple moving average. Skyworks Solutions Inc last issued its quarterly earnings data on 07/23/2015. The company reported 1.21 EPS for the quarter, above the consensus estimate of 1.19 by 0.02. The company had a revenue of 810.00 million for 7/3/2015 and 762.10 million for 4/3/2015. Therefore, the revenue was 47.90 million up.

Peter Gammel is also director of Advance Nanotech, Inc.

* This transaction was effected pursuant to a Rule 10b5-1 trading plan adopted by the Reporting Person on 5/4/2015.

* This total represents the number of shares of common stock held by the Reporting Person in the Skyworks Solutions - Inc. 401(k) plan based on the latest plan statement dated 9/30/2015.

* This stock option vested in four (4) equal installments - beginning on 6/10/2012 and ending on 6/10/2015.

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